This is the home of «eAτρείο», a free (or shareware, depending on your circumstances*) clinical solution for office management.

We have implemented modules for clinical cardiology, EP (including device follow-up clinics), interventional cardiology, some pulmonary medicine and -limited- neurology; more subspecialties to follow!

It’s easy to get started:

– download a trial version of Filemaker® for your desktop, and install Filemaker Go to your iOS device (it’s free)

– make sure you have Java installed for your computer

– get the eAtreio package from here

– have a look at our Youtube channel, and our forum for pointers on how to use it

Perhaps you would consider donating to a charity of your choice (or, maybe, even «Θεοτόκος» in Greece). This is the price of admission if you are junior staff, or using eAtreio for research.

*If you deploy it in your office, please consider a subscription fee of 40€ / year, so as to support development; no strings attached (the package will always be open and unlocked).


That’s it. Welcome.


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